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Love Valley, NC

Love Valley, North Carolina North Carolina, Love Valley - horseback riding

Love Valley is a small town in rural North Carolina. Its genesis in 1954 marked the fulfillment of a dream for founder Andy Barker. Andy cultivated two visions as a young man, he wanted to build a Christian community, and he wanted to be a cowboy. The results of his vision is Andy Barker's utopian experiment. The town boasts a saloon, general store, hitching posts, Country Store, campgrounds, The Hitchin Rail "Rooms for rent", Andy's Hardware, and rodeos. Yet above all of this stands a little church, the heart of what Barker conceived as his Christian utopia. This unique combination has led to more than fifty years of philanthropic ventures, controversial events such as the Love Valley Rock Festival, stories and legends, and political ambition. Over the last two decades the town has settled down considerably and is now known as a popular gathering spot for horse-lovers and horseback riding. Love Valley an American Utopia captures the history of this town in narrative form. While arguing that Love Valley's founders were motivated by utopian goals. There are miles of horseback riding trails in the surrounding Brusy Mountains.

Horseback Riding, NC

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